Life and Sundry

The Kitchen
Carrot Cake.

Jonathan turned 6 this week. I feel as though I should be reeling at this, shocked that he's grown so much, but he's been "five, almost six" for so long, that it seems time. We'll have a party this weekend with his friends to celebrate, but we wanted to celebrate as a family on his actual birthday. 

Nepalese Guesthouse Chicken.

Most of the time, when I’m cooking chicken, I’ll be cooking boneless, skinless breasts. It’s not that we don’t like whole chicken, we do, but so many recipes simply default to that standard. In trying to save money, I learned that buying bone-in chicken meat, especially whole birds, is actually more economical than even buying the bag of frozen breasts, if you don’t want the 13% injected ones, anyway. I’ve since learned how to roast a whole bird well, but after that I was sort of stuck. Enter the book Poulet. I’ve found recipes in this book that are a complete departure from what we’re used to, and they’re good.

Mediterranean Chicken Breasts.

I'm not sure how authentically "Mediterranean" this recipe is, but I love it, so we'll go with it. This is an easy meal to pull together, quick, delicious, and guaranteed to pass my picky eater's test. Serve with couscous (the fastest cooking side ever, it seems,) and one or two vegetables, and you've got a quick and complete(ly delicious) meal.

The Stacks

Stasi watched out the window of the SUV as she fingered the lace on her Grandma Ernestine’s dress. She had always loved this dress, the dress Gram had chosen for her wedding in 1946. She loved that it was teal instead of the now traditional white. She’d never seen another dress approach it in pure style. Her mother had agreed to let her wear it for her own wedding, saying “It’s blue enough to count, it’s new to you, it’s borrowed, and it’s definitely old.” And now, here she was, driving around with Pastor Tom, her mother Freya, Martin and his dad Alberto, and Greg and Ruth, hoping to find somewhere perfect for their wedding that night.

She tasted the salsa. Mmm, just about perfect. Maybe another squeeze of lime though? Clara squeezed a small wedge of lime over the salsa, stirred it in with her chip, and tasted again. There we go. She wrote the winning combination down on her notepad next to the bowl, now a bit splattered with tomato and lime juice, and moved on.

Natalie particularly loved studying with her roommate, Jessica. They had a tradition – whenever one of them had a big test the next day, or better yet, both of them, they’d walk over to Fromage et Pain, Jessica’s dad’s deli and buy the widest variety of odd cheeses they could afford. Sometimes they dictated what was odd by how it looked, and sometimes they just went by the names and packaging, if there was any. Often her dad was behind the register, and he’d roll his eyes at their motley selections, ring them up, and throw in a Margo’s Bark root beer for her and a Scotty’s Butterscotch soda for Jessica, no charge for being “such …good customers.” They’d cart their haul back the five blocks and upstairs to their tiny apartment and divvy up all the cheese.


My guys are runners. I am not. I am much more happy riding my bike, and would rather save running for those "Only if I absolutely must..." times. I do love that they like to run together. This picture is from a race they did back on May 3rd. I got to hang out and take pictures of them and friends, while they got to spend time together doing something they love to do. A good day.

Easter 2014.

This Easter we drove to Aberdeen, SD, so we could see my extended family. We had lots of fun hanging out, going swimming in the hotel pool, and hunting for easter eggs. My favorite time though, was hanging out with my Grandma Eva. Towards the end of the visit, we got to take some pictures of her with most of her great-grandchildren. (All but the youngest, Hazel, were there. I can't wait till I get to cuddle Hazel too!)

Picture Fun.

I've gotten a bit behind on updating throughout this school year, so I thought I'd post some of my favorite shots, despite them being a bit outdated now. Hope you enjoy!

Random Thoughts
A Garden Update.

This is currently my favorite flower growing in our yard. It's a lovely rosebush that produces lots of vibrantly hot pink roses. I've already clipped some and brought them in for a small bouquet to enjoy, and there's still half a dozen more. I normally wouldn't have chosen a long stem rosebush, but I really love this one, so much so that I may end up getting another to plant nearby, if I can decide on a color!


Spring is finally here (I think). I'm itching to put flowers in the ground, but we've still got a few nights ahead where it could freeze, so I'm holding off a bit longer. I decided to take Jonathan to the greenhouse down the street the other day though.

Things I love! Mostly stuff off of etsy, but not all. Let's jump right in!